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There is an almost desperate need for quality, authentic Personal / Professional / Organizational / Executive / Mentorship and Leadership Coaching Programs. Thought Management Group fills this gap by offering individually tailored high-impact, high-end, high-value Performance Coaching for independent Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, Students, Small Business Owners, Spiritual Leaders, and personal development Seekers. This level and style of training has been exclusively available at corporate fees, which is beyond the financial reach of the majority of Leaders and Business Owners in North America; interestingly, this is the largest economic sector yet the most underserved in this capacity.

improve your thoughts, improve your world

So, how is this achieved? Through a three-step process.

1. Thought Process

Identify what currently frames your Thought Process (Perspectives) by using personality algorithms in union with other methods. This then becomes the platform from which to address and dispense Leadership.


2. Communication

Refine Communication Skills (Language) in order to effectively lead self and others to desired outcomes. What is effective communication? It is intentional communication delivered with surgical precision based upon the recipients’ language. This is high-impact, transformational language. It really is your SuperPower! Let us craft this together.

3. Skill Sets

Create Transformational Leadership Skill-sets. How would you like to inspire individuals to willingly follow you strictly because of your Leadership skills? Applying the tools you have acquired and refined, you’ll have the skills to effect maximum individual talent and Team performance, all the while deepening culture and refining Brand. This is what Leadership is meant to be.

Why we are different

“Your thoughts, frame Your world.” This tagline truly is the key differentiator of my Coaching and what gives my program its horsepower.  Here is the reason why I confidently state this:  In my 29 years of experience in this space, I have known many of the builders and architects of this vertical and early on I was able to see a “gap” developing in coaching and training programs as demand for them grew. I knew why this “gap” wasn’t being addressed, nor had it been capitalized upon: simply because it takes too long to develop a Leader.  It was in a rush to “market to the masses,” which was clamoring for quick results, that opportunists manufactured a “drive-thru” version of coaching and success programs. Suddenly, what Leaders had been able to develop over a lifetime pursuit of discipline and self-development through hard work and dedication, was carelessly packaged into endorphin-producing weekend seminars, delivered by charismatic speakers promoting their self-help books and paraphernalia. This was the first introduction to the masses of the Coaching business, and it became for-ever scarred.  A vast chasm was created between the authentic transformational process and the “drive-thru” version.  So great is this chasm that most today cannot see nor identify what is on the other side, and for many, even if they could see, would prefer not to. What added fuel to this craze was the apparent success of a few, while the rest rode the deceptive but alluring “fake it til you make it” slogan, which unwittingly dispensed to a results-hungry consumer, a saccharin-sweetened version of what looked like and tasted like the real thing…SUCCESS!

Step 1 - Onboarding

The first Session is also known as the Interview. This interview is built upon a questionnaire which will be required to be completed and returned via email prior to the Interview. The questionnaire is specifically designed as an entry point to quickly assess Problems, Goals, and Desired Outcomes. This session opens doors to others, including the beginning point of unpacking your Motivators and Drivers (M&D) assessment results. We shall position your M&D as one of four foundations upon which you will begin building the very best version of your new self.

Step 2 - Let's go shopping!

You’ll find that we will go “shopping” frequently during the next 90 days. We will be “shopping” for tools to put in your NEW toolbox. There may be times you’ll say: “We don’t need to go shopping for that, I already have that tool…I picked it up last year!”. Despite what you may argue, we are going “shopping” anyway.

Step 3 - "Wax on! Wax off!"

This 90 day journey to some, will seem like they are living in a remake of the movie The Karate Kid (the original with Pat Morita please!), without having read the ending of the script. Fret not, things will become clear as we tie in the entire process together. You may be surprised to realize how much you’ve started to apply already. Your transformation is well underway and like a skilled warrior, a Master of your tools.



What our clients are saying…

I’m extremely thankful to the mentors who have helped me learn and grow throughout the year as I built my GoGirl Worldwide organization and business.  Skip Kerekes has been especially instrumental in my journey, as a friend, a mentor, associate and trainer.  A highlight for me was speaking along side of Skip on stage, and seeing the way he connected with my GoGirl audience in a genuine and compelling way.  Skip positively impacts the lives of everyone he interacts with on many levels.  His heart-centered, purpose-filled philosophy on life and business is refreshing, inspiring and needed.  I highly recommend Skip’s coaching to individuals, businesses and organizations.

Jennifer Murphy

Founder/CEO, GoGirl Worldwide, A former Miss Oregon USA and a top 10 finalist at Miss USA in Hollywood, Jennifer was a star on season four of “The Apprentice” on NBC. Jennifer is also an actress, producer, director with an established television and film presence, including appearances on CNN, FOX, ABC, 20/20.

“I’m so happy and excited for you that you’ve pioneered this and of all of people in the world there’s no one I’d trust more to do it than you!”

Ryan Kerekes

“I met Skip in 2010 at a CEO Space Conference.  I immediately recognized a thoughtful, charismatic coach and speaker.  He’s precise and deliberate in every aspect of his being.  What sets him apart is his comittment to excellence and his desire to create winning strategies for success.
My interaction and work with Skip in 2011 completely transformed and changed my life.  His positive impact on my life is ineffable.  He was the catalyst for a complete 180 degree transformation over the next year and the effects have blossomed into the amazing and wonderful life that I have today. I highly recommend Skip as a coach and consultant!”
Dana Lam

Dana Lam is the Co-Creator and Chief Inspiration Officer at Surprise Date Challenge, a couples date concierge that assists couples in being the happiest couple they know. She is also an accomplished author of three books, a highly sought after speaker and is being frequently featured on national television.

“In the tech driven world we live in we are missing out on daily verbal communications. Due to texting, memes and emails sadly the number of people capable of having truly authentic conversations has declined. 
Businesses succeed through collaboration. In order to collaborate, we must communicate. 
Businesses in order to thrive need collaboration and if one is to truly collaborate in business then authentic conversations are essential… I can think of no one better than Performance Coach and business expert Skip Kerekes and Thought Management Group to work with leaders, entrepreneurs and students in the art of how to conduct these high-impact conversations. 
These conversations will be what advances one’s business, enrich educations and ultimately transform lives.”
Erin Saxton

Multi award winning TV producer and host of That Girl from Jersey.

“I have known Skip for over 20 years and any occasion I have had to engage him in working with my leaders or teams I capitalize upon. Recently I brought him on board as a consultant in order to coach my executive leaders on how to effectively listen, communicate and be a servant leader to their teams.  His insights guided us to improve in areas we weren’t even considering, yet added to a whole and better result than expected. Time with Skip yields such high-impact results, we continue to benefit from his influence. I highly recommend any opportunity any individual or organization has to engage with Skip. You will see long-term ripple effects.”
Harold Zapata

Harold Zapata is co-Founder and CEO of a leading Staffing Company

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